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The Most Memorable Quotes from the 1st Debate

Secretary Clinton

I can only say that I’m certainly relieved that my late father never did business with you.

Too many young African-American and Latino men ended up in jail for nonviolent offenses, and it’s just a fact that if you’re a young African-American man, and you do the same thing as a young white man, you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated. We’ve got to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. We cannot just say “law and order.”

I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing.

Well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities and nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.

Donald Trump

My father gave me a very small loan in 1975.

I will release my tax returns against my lawyers’ wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. As soon as she releases them, I will release.

I have a son, he’s 10 years old. He has computers, he’s so good with these computers it’s unbelievable. The security aspect of cyber is very very tough. And maybe it’s hardly doable.

Hillary is hitting me with tremendous commercials. Some of it is entertainment, some of it—somebody who has been very vicious to me, Rosie O’Donnell. I said very tough things to her and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it and nobody feels sorry for her. But you want to know the truth. I was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary and to her family and I said to myself, I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. It’s inappropriate. It’s not nice. But she’s spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads on me, many of which are absolutely untrue. They’re untrue and they’re misrepresentations and I will tell you this, Lester, it’s not nice and I don’t deserve that.

If you think I’ve been biased in the quotes, you should go back and watch the debate. These were truly the most memorable. It’s not my fault that “memorable” for Trump tends to mean “bizarre.”



Crazy Prophets


Amos 3: 7-8

For the LORD God does nothing

without revealing his secret

to his servants the prophets.

The lion has roared; who will not fear?

The LORD God has spoken; who can but prophesy?


People wonder why don’t we have crazy prophets anymore? The kind who wear sackcloth and have dirty hair and eat locusts. There are crazy people out there like that, who do street ministry and are homeless, but so many of them are part of these weird sects that believe things like “getting high off Jesus” or are adamantly anti-intellectual or other bizarre things. In trying to strip away the formality and the business of institutional religion, they’ve stripped too deep and possibly slipped away from the truth. Instead of drawing people to Christ, they’ve gotten caught up in “being different” and end up scaring converts off. Regular denominations are guilty of this, too, but we’re not used to seeing the kind of radicalism that John the Baptist represented. If an Old Testament-esque prophet showed up, I’d probably keep my distance. God probably wouldn’t send those kind of prophets to America; He’d send someone in a form we’d be more inclined to listen to or at least not totally write off as completely nuts. So who are the prophets? I don’t know if I would recognize one. Prophecy itself is a tricky thing, because it doesn’t necessarily mean a revelation about the future. Maybe because we expect some wild, big prediction (that we probably wouldn’t even believe unless it was confirmed in an obvious way), we aren’t actually hearing the secret.


Scully: It just makes me afraid.

Priest: Afraid?

Scully: Afraid that God is speaking…but that no one is listening.