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Is The Gun Debate Over?

We limit how much cold medicine you can buy because it’s used in meth, but 19-year old Nikolas Cruz legally bought the AR-15 he used to kill 17 people. When he was in school, he was so scary to teachers that they didn’t allow him to bring a backpack. The FBI received a tip about him, but never followed up. All signs pointed to this kid being a mass shooter, and it didn’t stop him.

Honestly, I’m pretty hopeless about America ever having sensible gun control. The NRA looms too large, it’s too powerful, and our culture of gun-worship is thriving. If I have to hear one more person say this isn’t a gun problem, it’s a people problem, or a sin problem, or a heart problem, or whatever bullshit they’ve been telling themselves in the face of massacres that target the most vulnerable, I’m going to find a cave in the mountains and never come out.

The gun debate is over. We can’t even have reasonable debates anymore. I saw this meme twice today, saying that the person won’t listen to anti-gun arguments from people who “are okay with killing a baby.” That’s not a talking point from a person who wants to discuss how to stop mass shootings. It’s a straw-man designed to make “the other side” angry and start a whole different debate. It’s an emotional poke in the eye. It’s reframing the conversation into us vs. them, and there’s no way anything can actually get done with that mindset.

I sound pretty pessimistic, and yeah, acceptance of mass murder certainly isn’t the right road to take. What I’m worried about though is that voting in different politicians won’t change anything, because the culture is the problem. We love guns. We love guns more than we love our country’s children. We actually believe that guns bring peace. What do you do to change that? I have no idea. On the other hand, studies keep showing that MOST people support reasonable gun control, and it’s the NRA buying politicians to vote against the people. So, we gotta do something about that. Vote out those politicians. NRA members, stop paying dues if the organization isn’t listening. It’s always about money, so that’s the dragon we have to slay. It’s a tall order.


thoughts on guns

We live in a society where it is legal for someone to modify a semi-automatic gun to fire like an automatic weapon, even though all fully-automatic weapons made after 1986 are banned.

There are always two things I hear after a mass shooting: “Thoughts and prayers,” and “There are no laws that could have prevented this.”

In arguments between proponents of gun control and those against it, you always hear someone say, “Banning all guns is like banning x,” even though gun control has never seriously been – and never will be – about “banning all guns.” It’s a red herring that distracts from actual implementable policies that could save lives. Other phrases you will hear: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

People will always break laws, but what about the laws that have loopholes or that allow shooters to get their equipment? Why wouldn’t we strengthen the laws we have, close loopholes, and take a good long look at how well laws are actually being implemented? We can’t just settle for the belief that because people will always break gun laws, we should just throw our hands up and give up. Are there seriously any other crimes that people look at it in that way?

I’ve heard it said that mass shootings and tragedies like toddlers shooting their siblings is “the price of freedom.” I don’t know about you, but I am not okay with that.

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe From Murder

We’re getting political again here, folks. This is a satire I wrote for my Literary Humor Writing class. 


The world is a dangerous place. Though the lamestream media doesn’t cover it, every day young people are murdered in “safe” places by insane criminals who are more than likely part of gangs and/or terrorist cells from “no-go zones.” As a parent, you love your kids and want to keep them as safe as possible. Therefore, it only makes sense that the more guns around your kids and the more experience your kids have with guns, the better adapted they will be to defend themselves when the race war inevitably begins (thanks, Obama). The following list will provide you with comprehensive ways to educate them on how to protect themselves when they get their first gun on their fourth birthday.

1.Teach them about safety from a very young age

A child is never too young to learn about safety. Many people go to shooting ranges to hone their skills, but even smaller kids can benefit from lessons. Exercise your constitutional freedoms by holding “Mommy and Me” classes in your backyard where infants can gather and learn how to load, clean, disassemble, and reassemble a variety of weapons in a matter of seconds. Babies already take swimming lessons as young as 6 months; why not bring guns – humankind’s greatest form of self-defense – into the mix?

2. Make safety fun

A big problem with making society safer is the unfair stigma and censorship surrounding guns. Making safety as fun as possible will help make young kids less afraid of what should be their best friend. Change up classic lyrics and sing along to child-friendly songs like “Turkey in the Straw, Because I Shot Him,” “Itsy Bitsy Spesco Falcon,” and “Ba Ba Beretta.” Repetition is key, so sing these tunes as frequently as possible so the concept of safety is imprinted on your child’s mind clearer than the red dot of a sniper’s rifle.

3. Envelop them in safety

You can never be too safe. Everyone knows the more guns the better. Decorate your home with wallpaper printed with gun images so your young ones can feel the cold-steel embrace of ammunition at all times. Duct-tape guns under tables, chairs, beds, and inside cupboards. This will desensitize them to the rampant anti-gun messages that the media constantly shoves down their throats. Come on, Stallone, Bullet to the Head? Why not Bullet to the Head, Back, Face, and Torso?

4. Confront people who want your kids dead

It’s hard to believe, but there are groups solely dedicated to making the world less safe. Confront these dangerous lunatics by approaching them carefully with your guns and staring at them without speaking. If you do speak, make sure you shout, so they know just how important kids’ lives are to you and how upset you are that they are supporting mass murder. If they are still not responsive, consider waving your weapon around in case they didn’t see it. The presence of guns will ease everyone’s worries and will no doubt help facilitate a civil discussion.

5. Defy attempts to make your community less safe

No gun-zones? What is this, communist Russia? Or London? Set an example for your kids by refusing to enter any business unarmed. Who knows when an al Qaeda or hoodied gang banger might leap through the window at Dairy Queen, showering down a storm of bullets upon the unsuspecting crowd? Show your children that you love them by proudly displaying your semi-automatic at any and every location, including fast food restaurants, salons, libraries, and aquariums. If the business in question refuses to serve you, you now know who in your community hates children and wants to see them all dead.