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thoughts on guns

We live in a society where it is legal for someone to modify a semi-automatic gun to fire like an automatic weapon, even though all fully-automatic weapons made after 1986 are banned.

There are always two things I hear after a mass shooting: “Thoughts and prayers,” and “There are no laws that could have prevented this.”

In arguments between proponents of gun control and those against it, you always hear someone say, “Banning all guns is like banning x,” even though gun control has never seriously been – and never will be – about “banning all guns.” It’s a red herring that distracts from actual implementable policies that could save lives. Other phrases you will hear: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

People will always break laws, but what about the laws that have loopholes or that allow shooters to get their equipment? Why wouldn’t we strengthen the laws we have, close loopholes, and take a good long look at how well laws are actually being implemented? We can’t just settle for the belief that because people will always break gun laws, we should just throw our hands up and give up. Are there seriously any other crimes that people look at it in that way?

I’ve heard it said that mass shootings and tragedies like toddlers shooting their siblings is “the price of freedom.” I don’t know about you, but I am not okay with that.