9 Things That Won’t Happen When Fall Is Here

1. I won’t need to sleep from 2-4pm in order to avoid bursting into flame, because it’s so hot outside.

2. It won’t be unusual to feel a crisp, cool, life-giving breeze when Chris and I go on our walks.

3. I won’t have a rotating wardrobe of about 4 outfits, because the majority of my clothing is cool-weather based. Sweater weather is where it’s at!

4. I won’t need to wrack my brain trying to think of dinners that don’t require a stove-top or oven.

5. I won’t have random moments where I miss Yoshi the Pomeranian, because he’ll be here!

6. My face and nose won’t feel like sandpaper from all the fans blowing directly at me, because we won’t need them as much.

7. There won’t be a giant kiddie pool in our yard all the time, though it may be replaced by some autumn-specific children’s toy. I don’t mind it so much, the kids are having fun, and the leaky pool has actually kept the grass pretty green. They’re just right outside the window.

8. Lighting candles won’t heat up the house.

9. It won’t be weird to crave hot chocolate.



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