A Hedgehog Adapts Better To Change Than Me

When I got Baxter, I was told that hedgehogs don’t do very well with change. It can upset their stomachs and make them especially withdrawn. We moved this weekend to a new apartment in the cities, about twenty minutes from our old place, so I was very careful to watch out for the Bax. The morning of, I put him in his travel container with water, food, and his snuggle sack, and kept him away from the action. When it was time to go, he rode up in the car with me, and went into the new bedroom as soon as we arrived. The first night, I didn’t have time to build his house back up, so he got some temporary digs in his large Tupperware complete with tubes, a hideaway box, water, and food. The next day, he slept in his snuggle sack while I built his house.

He is adjusting better than me. Unlike a lot of hedgehogs, he unballed right away when he met some new people, and was immediately drinking and eating in his new house. I watched him last night and he was very busy moving his tubes from one place to another. This morning, I found him sleeping out in the open instead of under his box canopy (which is where I usually find him, because he likes to hide) with a tube on his head.

Me, on the other hand…I just don’t do well with change. It has nothing to do with how well things are going. I love the new apartment, unpacking and organizing has been relatively pain-free, and I don’t even have a job to go to. I stay home for my job. Despite all this, I have been stressed. Whenever my mind is relatively anxiety-free, my body takes it upon itself to unleash all those nerves. I got sick last night (once again winning the race between Chris and I of who will get sick first in a new place), feel constantly dehydrated even though I’m drinking water all the time, and can’t figure out how to eat. I ate four muffins today. GAH. I guess I need to get better at acknowledging my anxiety, instead of pushing it down so it manifests in a purely physical way. I’ve had to balance a lot of things in life, but I can’t say I anticipated having to figure out how to balance physical and mental anxiety.


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