When Stress Evolves

So, life has been kind of stressful lately. We’ve been trying to find a new place to live after learning that our apartment was kicking everyone out at the end of the lease (September 30th), and because people are the worst, we haven’t been able to walk-through anywhere, and it’s difficult to find somewhere in our price range that’s also not located in a dangerous neighborhood. Also, my freelance jobs have been slowing down, just in time for new loan expenses, so I’ve been applying for a bunch of new gigs and waiting to hear back.

When I get stressed, I get extremely tired. This isn’t new. In the past, I’ve also not been able to eat anything without getting sick, I’ve gotten back pain, social anxiety has kicked back in, and so on. What is frustrating is that while I’ve been able to train myself out of these patterns, stress always finds a way to evolve and throw something new at me. This time around, it’s skin irritation. Lovely, I know.

Our apartment is always really hot. When it’s 74 degrees, it feels frosty. It always gets worse in the evening for some reason, so we’re pushing back against 82-83 degrees. If I do anything physical, like pilates or yoga, I start sweating like I’m crossing the Sahara. I have this thing where if I sweat a lot, it irritates my skin to an insane degree. It’s like I’m allergic to my own sweat (it’s a real thing, look it up) and I break out in a rash. Last night, I didn’t even do anything, I think I was walking around looking for something, and my scalp started to burn. It seriously felt like my head was on fire. I finally had to get cold water and Q-tips, and pat my scalp. It helped a little, and I took a shower later. That night though, I started stressing out. The burning came back. It actually woke me up.

It is extraordinary what stress can do to the body. It’s like poison, but the symptoms keeping changing, so just when you think you found a cure…BAM. Something new happens.


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