Feeling it in the Gut

ImageRecent scientific studies indicate that gut bacteria may play a pivotal role in brain chemistry and mental health. More specifically, the right type of “healthy bacteria” in your gut may treat/prevent depression and anxiety.


So I guess that probiotic yogurt can do more for you than just keep you regular. In this study, scientists did a bunch of experiments with mice and bacteria. The most interesting one to me was the one where these nervous and anxious mice were given a transplant of fecal microbiota from calm mice, and actually became calmer. The reverse happened when the calm mice were given a strain from the anxious mice.

What does this mean? Well, traditionally, anxiety treatment has focused on the brain, but with these studies, it looks like bacteria actually plays a huge part in a person’s psych makeup, which seems like common sense, since we are 90% bacteria. Perhaps the future of anxiety and depression medications will focus or at least include an emphasis on the gut.

Ok, can we talk about FMTs though? It literally stands for fecal microbiota transplantation. It’s a stool transplant. Poop. A bunch o sciency stuff happens so the sample is clear and odorless, and I guess they just inject it? The body is so weird.




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