When Good Men Do Nothing


The thing that frustrates me most right now is the silence of Christians regarding injustices. So many Christians are very vocal about promiscuity and abortion, but are too quiet on rape culture and the prevalence of victim-shaming. They are very vocal about how gay marriage will “break down society,” but don’t address the violence directed towards homosexuals and transgender people and how to stop it.

And don’t get me started on when they believe other Christians are “under attack.” It’s all “freedom this” and “freedom that.” The reaction to other Christians in trouble and then the reaction to others in trouble is incredibly unequal. Then a law like the one in Arizona regarding gay rights comes out (business having a right to deny service to gay people based on their “religious freedom”), and I don’t hear any uproar. There should be a massive outcry, there should be a earthquake of protest from Christians. This is not a Christ-like law. This is not religious freedom, and Christians should be deeply, deeply offended that hate-mongers are hijacking this concept to justify their bigotry. 

Not all Christians agree with the kinds of people who support oppression of gay people, or the demonizing of Muslims, or gun rights that allow people like Michael Dunn to kill 17-year old Jordan Davis, but they don’t speak out against it either. There’s such a thing as guilt by association and unless you, as a Christian, actively say, “This is not ok,” people are going to group you in with the millions of Christians who are saying it is. Don’t you dare get offended when people judge you and you’ve given them nothing to convince them otherwise. Don’t just call out certain injustices and then shut up about everything else. Do something. Say something.


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