Seeing It Through


I’m at that point in therapy where you don’t think you need therapy.

I no longer have a long list of grievances to vent, or a terrifying event coming up that’s giving me nightmares. The hour sometimes seems like it’s going by really slow, and I find my mind wandering to other things I could be doing with this time.

Given my past with therapy, I know that I have to see this through.

Every time I’ve hit this point in therapy before, I’ve just stopped going.

I get a few good techniques, I’m no longer petrified by things I used to be petrified by, and the cost, even with insurance, seems like money that might be useful elsewhere. I get overly confident.

I’m not going to stop seeing my therapist. Why, you ask?

Because life can change in a second.

I could get into another car accident. Major family changes could happen. A pet could die. I could get into a big fight with someone.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not living in fear of these things, but I know that they can happen. I want to go through as many different experiences as possible with this therapist, so when they happen again in the future and I’m not seeing a therapist at that time, I’ll know what to do.

It might look like cutting back on therapy so it’s just once a month. It might look like going back to once weekly. I’m not making a clean break with this therapist. Not this time.


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