Homemade Pizza, Thoreau, and Feathered Serpents

It seems like it’s been forever since I wrote. I really want to take a nap since I couldn’t stay asleep last night, but I’ll endure for now.

Pizza, pizza:

So I have already fulfilled my goal of making a homemade pizza dough and I gotta say, for a rough start, it turned out pretty well. The night before the pizza was to be made, I made the dough according to an overnight recipe (with the dough hook on my mixer, which is very handy) and awaited the day. When I checked on it many hours later, I was disappointed to see that it had not risen as much as promised. No matter. I’ll try again. For the second dough, I put the yeast in warm water and sugar and let it get all bubbly before I added it to the rest of the ingredients. That seemed to do the trick, because it only took about 1.5 hours for the dough to rise. So I had enough dough for two pizzas no problem. One for me and Chris, and one for Ren and Bonny. They brought toppings, so we had pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza. In the future, I’ll probably try and make the dough a teeny tiny bit thinner, and add more cheese. For a person who a year ago wasn’t sure how long to boil an egg, I’d say I did pretty well.

Also made recently: Mini chocolate chip cookies, lemon yogurt breadcrumb chicken, turkey burgers, and a hot chocolate molt cake.


I’ve actually started my class now! It’s going very well thus far. I always forget how quiet English classes are at Macalester. I don’t know if it’s an English thing, or just coincidence that I always end up with shy people. It’s definitely not a Macalester thing, ’cause I have been in classes with people who will not stop talking. In a good way. Sometimes good way. Right now, we’re reading Thoreau, which is a little…dense? That’s not quite the right word, because it isn’t like reading an academic essay, but he does go on about everything. The class is essentially about transcendentalism.

Feathered Serpents:

I’ve started my next book. After reworking my original idea, I’ve decided to make it another Harvey Grey story. It centers around Quetzacoatl, the feathered serpent deity from ancient Mexico, and I have two professor characters that I’m excited to use. I haven’t written a sequel to anything before, so further developing Harvey and how he’s changed (or not changed) since the last book will be a new experience for me as a writer. I probably won’t be posting it on the blog like I did the first book, but excerpts might make their way here.


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