Sochi Problems


This is a weird Olympics. And by weird, I mean problematic, but with moments of humor.


Russia is horrendously anti-LGBTQ, to the point where certain Western activists and recently-freed feminist group Pussy Riot called for boycotts of the games.

Construction has raised environmental problems, like the dumping of waste into an illegal landfill which could led to contamination in Sochi water.

The systematic poisoning of stray dogs in the city.

This is the most expensive Winter Games ever, and that has been blamed on corruption.


Look up the twitter tag #sochiproblems. It includes tweets from athletes and reporters.

No lobbies in hotels because of ongoing construction, the weird bathrooms, polluted water, and finding a dead bee in a little plastic tub of honey.

Even the “funny” isn’t like hilariously funny, because it basically shows up Sochi isn’t ready and if this is how it looks for international stars, it must suck for residents to try and live a normal life there right now.



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