Best of the Best (Cartoon Edition)


Favorite animated show: “The Simpsons”

It’s the original. It was built on the foundation that “The Flintstones” laid and went to infinity and beyond. It’s one of the smartest shows to ever air. In my opinion, it hit its peak starting at season 5.

Favorite new(ish) show: “Bob’s Burgers”

It started out slow. The humor struggled. The first season was short, so was the second, but Fox held on and the show has grown so much in two years, it’s really incredible. It’s incredibly odd and I love the voice work. It’s also just so refreshing to not have yet another MacFarlene show.

Favorite underrated show: “Futurama”

It’s from the creator of “The Simpsons,” but this sci-fi never reached the audience that the Simpsons did, which is unfortunate. It’s much more subtle and one of the most emotionally-driven cartoons. One of the episodes actually made me cry my eyes out. It had a long hiatus after it was cancelled by Fox, and in that time released some hour-long movies, and then was reincarnated on Comedy Central for the last few years. This past season was its last, and it was pretty sad.

Favorite voice work in a cartoon (female): Kristen Schaal as Louise

One of the most brilliant character voices I have ever heard. She is perfectly cast and completely adorable. Kristen Schaal has had minor parts in “Flight of the Conchords” and “30 Rock,” and is generally regarded as one of the rising stars in comedy.

Favorite voice work in a cartoon (male): Seth MacFarlene as Roger

Seth MacFarlene is a lot of things (mostly negative), but I gotta give him this, he has impeccable comedic timing. Roger the Alien is my favorite voice of his and is the breakout character in “American Dad,” which I love SO MUCH MORE than “Family Guy.”

Favorite cartoon character: Lisa Simpson

She is me. I relate to her feeling of isolation from her peers and her obsessive desire to learn. So many of her quotes sound like they came right from my head. Just recently, she was talking about a certain energy company and said, “They’re giant polluters! But their CEO is a woman. It’s very vexing.”

Least favorite show: “Family Guy”

This show used to be good. It basically a rip-off of “The Simpsons,” but a little edgier, a little dumber. Then it just devolved into an offensive rehash of tired jokes. Oh, ha ha, a joke about how Jews love money. I only like the Stewie-heavy episodes, because his voice is funny. An episode about abortion from a recent season was banned in the US, but then another one about domestic violence that was MUCH more offensive and just riddled with victim-blaming, and that went through just fine. That was the fault of the network/censors, but it illustrates how “Family Guy” is only interested in seeing how far they can go without any thought to victims or the oppressed. They’re now the TV equivalent of a shock jock.

Least favorite character: Quagmire

He’s a “Family Guy” character. His whole character arc is how he is a rapist and how hilarious that is. Not. Hate you.



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