The Results of the Dentist Adventure

So today was my dentist’s appointment. I was surprisingly not nervous last night or in the morning. I got up an hour before my appointment, feed the hedgehog, and made sure all of my necessities were together: keys, purse, boots. Getting out of the garage was a little tricky (and is now included on my list of anxieties, more on that to come), and I was off, GPS on deck.

Chris had been there on Monday, which ended up being really helpful, because the door was hard to find and he knew exactly where to tell me to go. He was really sweet about the whole thing, he proceeded to tell me step-by-step what the dentist did and I was all, “I have been to the dentist before, that’s not the issue,” but the fact that he sought to put any fears of mine to rest was insanely adorable. So I got to the office. It’s really nice and open, they have walls of windows and a fireplace. It’s a very calming environment. All future dentists: having a calm, open office is very important, considering 80% of people say they have dentist anxiety.

The dentist was really impressed with my teeth, I just have two little cavities way back between my last two molars, which is very common. So I have to go back next week, urg, but now that I’ve done it once, it’s not nearly as terrifying.

Driving back was uneventful, except for trying to get into the super narrow garage. I ended up just scraping the car and giving up trying to fit inside. I was really afraid I was going to take out both mirrors, so I just parked it in the lot.

And that was my first dentist appointment by myself. Ta daaaaa.


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