The Speed of the Season

imageThis is my first holiday season as a married adult and I feel like it rushed upon me.

I see some other young people who are much better at Christmasing than me. They have wreaths and trees and made cookies. I bought brown packing paper for wrapping paper because I wanted to be “rustic,” but I lack the wrapping skills to make the presents look as charming as I envisioned. There is more Scotch tape and less neatly-tied twine with vintage stamps.

I am baking on Thursday and that is my Christmas activity goal for therapy. I’m making chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies, banana fudge muffins, and red velvet cookies.

I’m planning for next year. I’m going to stock up on wrapping paper and ribbons when it goes on sale in a week, and I want to do a Christmas card. This year, it didn’t even cross my mind.

But that’s ok. Christmas looks different for everyone, and this year, we’ll be in Indiana with Chris’ parents. And it will be great.


3 thoughts on “The Speed of the Season

  1. I had some of the same feelings that you did about Christmas. I also had some grand expectations of how I should make it special for us as a married couple, but time won out. We also didn’t get Christmas cards sent out, and I didn’t get different types of cookies made…just one kind. . . a day before Christmas Eve. Oops.

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