If I Could Turn Back Time


One of my favorite questions to ask people is what time period they would travel back to if time travel was real. A lot of people say they would want to meet Jesus. I’ve been thinking about my answer for a long time, and I still don’t really know. There are rules to consider. Do I have to travel to a certain place, like if I wanted to meet Jesus, would I have to travel to Israel first to be sure I traveled back to the right place? Would clothes travel with me? If they did, I would have to wear time-appropriate clothing. Would my race be an issue? Like if I traveled back to ancient China, would everyone notice I’m half white or could I get away with it? How long am I staying back in time?

Seeing a dinosaur in the flesh is on my list, but it’s also super dangerous. I’m less afraid of the big ones; my concern is with the little ones that tear you to shreds like a paper shredder. There’s no way to run away from those. No amount of prehistoric underbrush that could hide me. That one’s not super high on my list.

Even though it’s cliche, seeing Jesus speak would be really incredible. Finding the right clothes and blending in would be an issue, and me being a woman, too. I’d have to bring along a man or something. Oh, and also, not speaking the language. If this was a real quick time travel – zip to the Sermon on the Mount – and then zip out, sure.

One of the things that would be cool to do would be to see Shakespeare perform in one of his plays. However, in order to blend in, I would have to be a commoner, which would mean I would be standing for hours in the theater, squished, and overwhelmed by smells. I might also catch the plague, and if it didn’t kill me, I would be bringing it back to the modern world. Not super great.

Another era that I could go back to would be the 1920’s. I could see F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda jump in a fountain. Finding clothes for that era wouldn’t be especially hard and being in America, I could speak English. If I went back to the right time, I wouldn’t even have to leave Minnesota. This one is the most practical.

So how about you? Where in time would you like to go?


2 thoughts on “If I Could Turn Back Time

  1. Those all sound amazing! I want to go back and see so many things. Watching men first land on the moon, the parting of the Red Sea, watching J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis together, and so much more would be amazing!

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