Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


I always go on these health sprints. They are short and overly ambitious, such as deciding I’m not going to eat any sugar. That’s not going to happen, especially since it directly contradicts one of my other goals, which is baking more.

I read somewhere that adding things is always easier than subtracting. It’s the same philosophy that states that repeating positive actions is more efficient than trying to stop negative ones. So, this time, instead of trying to cut things out of my diet, I’m adding.

1. Water

I’ve made it a goal to essentially be constantly drinking water. People are supposed to drink something like 8 glasses a day, which, after feeling like a camel preparing to enter the desert after only 3 large glasses, seems insane. However, it’s been about three days since I started my water regiment and I already feel a lot better. I have more energy, I feel lighter, and less hungry at mealtimes. When we feel hungry, especially between meals, it often means that we’re actually thirsty. So drink water.

2. Replacing sugar

I’ve tried this a couple times already, and it doesn’t mean “less” calories necessarily, but better ones than white sugar. I’ve used honey and applesauce in a few recipes. I’m also looking up desserts based on avocados, dates, bananas, so I’m still getting to eat all the desserts I love, but they’re better for me, like instead of buying ice cream, blending frozen bananas into a creamy cold mixture and adding flavorings like peanut butter or Nutella. It’s also cheaper that way.

3. Exercise

This is probably the hardest thing to add, because I’m wimpy about being sore and such. I’m getting back into some yoga, working with my exercise ball and kettle bell, and squats. I also do a lot of push-ups, which I HATE, but I’m still just so happy I can actually do them now after not being able to, oh, I don’t know, my entire life.


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