The Pill Fiasco

ImageYesterday was not a good day for someone with phone anxiety. Luckily, the anxiety isn’t as bad when I know exactly what I need, and I needed pills.

The issue started yesterday when I called the pharmacy to see why they hadn’t refilled my Effexor. They said there was a problem with the insurance, which was weird, since I switched in May and had gotten three refills just fine before this. The next step was to figure out the insurance, so after sitting on hold for a half hour, I went online and found the claims section. According to that, my current insurance had only paid for my newest prescription. Did that mean my old insurance was still paying for stuff? Even though it’s impossible to be on two separate insurances? What was going on??? I called the pharmacy again and confirmed that they indeed had the new insurance on their file. They did. I called the clinic where my psychiatrist is and they said there was a problem with the information on my file and that I should talk to billing. Chris called billing and they said everything was fine, even though it looked like they had been sending bills to the old insurance.

Everyone had the same information at least, so I had done everything I could about that. Now my focus shifted to just getting my drugs, which I desperately needed. The pharmacy said that the doctor needed to authorize a refill. I called the clinic. They said they had authorized it. Called the pharmacy. They said that now they needed the insurance to verify that I actually needed the medication and that they would pay for it. I called the clinic again and they said they had contacted the insurance company, but wouldn’t hear back for 1-5 days. My heart sunk. I start feeling withdrawal from my pills if I take it only an hour late; what would happen to me if it was longer? My psychiatrist’s nurse called me and took the reins. She spent forty minutes on the phone with the insurance company and found out nothing. Knowing that I needed the meds right away, she just called in a totally new prescription.

Yesterday was frustrating. Nobody seemed to know what was going on and we still don’t know why most of my claims weren’t appearing on my current insurance. I’m still glad I have insurance though, obviously. I could see the full price of everything and if we were paying just out-of-pocket, all of our money would be going toward my mental care. Not even kidding.


5 thoughts on “The Pill Fiasco

  1. Great story, and one to which I can relate.

    This Waiting-for-Prescription business is suddenly very, very reminiscent of Kafka’s “The Trial” with its endless rounds of trips through the bureaucracy…

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