We Are The Reason


To everyone who says, “I’m praying for you,” but never picks up the phone or sends an e-mail to check in:

      We are making our prayers meaningless.

To the young Christians who post hateful content on Facebook and spread gossip about their peers:

     We are the modern world’s Pharisees.

To the believers who use politics and theology to cause strife and create division:

      We are destroying the Church.

To the pastors and priests who abuse their authority:

       We are shaming the name of Jesus.

To the Christian in Pennsylvania who stoned a 70-year old gay man to death:

       We do not follow a God of love.

To the members of Westboro Church, who picket the funerals of children and soldiers:

      We are not doing God’s work.

To every Christian who confesses with their mouth that they follow Jesus, but then deny Him by their actions:

      We are the reason people can still believe there is no God.


One thought on “We Are The Reason

  1. Very true! However, some people who say that they are praying for you might just not know how to reach out. There are many people who I pray for that I have no idea how to contact. I really do hold them close to my heart and pray for the them. However, anxiety and fear causes me to doubt me ability to communicate with them.

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