Linked In #2

Here is part two of Linked In Thursdays!

ImageI love the idea of this blog. I used his hiking guide to prepare for our first attempt at real walking in Gooseberry Falls. Hint: Bring almonds and raisins. I get tired easily and a handful of nuts/dried fruit actually gives me a really nice energy boost.

ImageI love Jonathon Merritt. He wrote “A Faith of Our Own Following: Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars” and he frequently writes about pastors who say controversial things and responds with grace, but never stops being assertive and firm. This particular article is about a joke Mark Driscoll made about climate change and how he intends to keep driving his SUV because “God isn’t going to burn up the earth anyway.” Driscoll responded to criticism by saying it was just a joke and everyone should relax. This excuse is all too common, most notably in cases where people make rape jokes. As Jonathon Merrit says, “Some things just aren’t funny.”

ImageThis is super random, but super beautiful. I especially love the excerpt at the very beginning.


Lots of citations, direct quotes. I’ve always thought the weakest part of the Republican message in terms of relating to the message of Jesus was conservative economics, and this article shows some examples of how. It troubles me how these politicians blatantly misuse Scripture and either don’t know or don’t care.




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