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It’s pretty exhausting to think of profound things to say some days, so I thought I’d follow in the footsteps of one of my favorite bloggers (Sarah Bessey, author of the upcoming Jesus Feminist) and share some links of some cool things I’ve been into lately. I’m always surfin’ the web, so let’s hang five (or four, to be specific).


How To Substitute Sugar

This is a super handy page, it gives you the ratios for different kind of sweeteners, like honey and agave nectar.


The “Good Guy” Myth

This little essay challenges the popular “friendzone” term and the belief that girls always pick a-holes, leaving the “good guys” on the sidelines. Just how “good” are these “good guys” if they get so upset that a girl doesn’t want more than friendship from them?

ImageTeen Creates Bio-Plastic From Banana Peels

A young scientist from Turkey finds a way to replace the petroleum-based plastic lining in electrical cables with banana peels. Whaaaaaat?

Image“God Bless America” and Republicans: How The Song Became An Anthem of Conservatives and the Christian Right

This one’s a bit controversial (I’m a political person, I often fuel controversy), so feel free to discuss. This essay is taken from a full book on the subject, and examines how and why this song has become more closely associated with Republicans than Democrats. I would go further and say that patriotism is very often claimed by conservatives as being “a conservative value” and it can be isolating to those who don’t agree with them, as if not being a Republican means you “hate America.” On Facebook, a huge number of patriotic fan pages are dominated by conservatives; it’s pretty difficult to find a page that isn’t so clearly biased.


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