Letter to 13-Year Old Me

Dear Me,

No matter how much you want it, this is not “The 13th Year,” and you will not turn into a mermaid.

You will not learn to like the taste of coffee, beer, or wine.

Your first day of high school is going to be really, really awkward, but eventually, things will smooth out. Eventually.

You better accept the fact that things usually get worse before they get better.

Dating in high school is pretty overrated, but it does get you some street cred.

One of the best things to know in life is your jean size.

When it comes to men, school, and food, never settle. 


If you think you’re depressed, get help.

No matter how small the pool (school, work, church), there will always be “those” kinds of people.

Your feelings are legitimate, no matter how crazy they seem, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Drink more water.

Your first day of college is going to be really, really awkward. That’s all.

Don’t eat so much red meat.


There is no one path to happiness.

Don’t give up.



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