The Woman From Those Ads

ImageTerrie’s Ad:

Terrie Hall died today. She is recognizable from the CDC’s Anti-Smoking campaign commercials. Because of her ad, calls to the Anti-Smoking center doubled and hits on the website tripled.  Terrie was a smoker all her life, and still smoked even though at 40 years old, she was diagnosed with oral cancer. She went through radiation and the treatment was going well when she was diagnosed with throat cancer and she went through a laryngectomy, which removes the voice box. This is what changed things for Terrie.

She became an advocate against smoking and did ads and talks throughout her home state. The CDC PSA was what gave her the most recognition and Terrie talked about how she would meet former smokers and they said would say, “I stopped smoking because of you.” Terrie felt honored to have been a part of saving lives.

Terrie died in a hospital today. Age 53. She endured 48 radiation treatments and 10 cancer diagnoses.

R.I.P. Terrie. May your legacy live on.


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