Take A Look At My Itunes: Blue October

ImageI honestly can say no band has affected me like Blue October has. Justin Furstenfeld has suffered from pretty severe bipolar for most of his life and his ability to translate that into lyrics is jaw-dropping. His voice is like sandpaper, wearing down on my heart callouses and leaving me feeling stunned and vulnerable. I have never gotten sick of a single song in seven albums. 

The new album is more optimistic, but never becomes sappy. When someone like Justin sings about finding happiness, you can tell its real. “Sway” came at the perfect time.


Lyrical Highlights:

(Not Broken Anymore)

I’ve seen the empty deep
I’ve damned up the water flow
You’re the touchstone my complete
You’re the ship that kept me afloat

Can you tell me that you’re real
So I can really know
That everything I feel I can finally show
Standing next to me oh the person I can be
Is finally here and he won’t back down at all

But I can’t stop thinking
how you just keep making
sense of all that was broken before

And I won’t keep faking
Cause I’m done with taking
Cause with you I’m not broken anymore



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