Take A Look At What I’m Eating: The MN State Fair

ImageI’ve been to the Great Minnesota Get-Together maybe four times in my life. When I was little, I would have hated the heat, crowds, and would no doubt have gotten something gross to eat like deep-fried cheese curds and been horrendously sick. Now however, being older and slightly taller, outdoor crowds are not quite as terrifying to me as indoor crowds, especially when I’m not expected to interact with anyone on a social level, and the fair grounds are big enough where I can find a place to escape if need be. This year, Chris and I went later in the day when it was cooler and we had a very specific budget and mission: eat as many different foods as $40 can buy.

ImageMini Cinnamon Rolls from Cinnie Smith’s

These are soft, gooey, just the right amount of cinnamon, warm, fluffy, and bite-size. The cream cheese frosting comes on the side and had a nice little whipped tang to it instead of being sickly, slimy sweet like a lot of frosting. I wanted more.

ImageLemonade and Gizmo from Gizmo’s

A gizmo is a mixture of beef and Italian sausage on an Italian roll, which is then topped with cheese and toasted, so the cheese is all melty. This was Chris’ choice as I did not want to have a heart attack this early in the fair, delicious as a gizmo looks. Chris smothered it in ketchup and mustard and got an icy lemonade on the side. I did have a bite, and it was like a hamburger and a hot dog in one. High-quality fair food. 

ImageDouble Bacon Corn Dog from Campbell’s Flavored Corn Dogs

This is a new vendor. They also have Jalapeno and Sweet Corn. Chris’ was a hot dog wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried, and then topped with crumbled bacon. He was very excited. I tried it and the bacon does add a nice smokiness and crisp since corn dogs can sometimes be too mushy.


Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake at The Strawberry Patch

This was not planned. I was debating between this and hot fudge with strawberries when I thought, “Hey, I can make strawberries with chocolate at home and not pay eight bucks.” So I got this. It’s frozen. The chocolate is good, not Magnum-bar good, but better than most chocolate ice cream coatings. The cheesecake is awesome. I gave Chris a bite and he kept asking for more until we just broke it in half.


ImageDeep-Fried Banana Split from Ole & Lena’s

At this point in the game, I was getting tuckered out. I was full and sweaty and my legs kept sticking together. Chris’ sweet tooth was not satisfied and forged ahead to this impressive dessert. It’s a banana deep-fried with strawberries in a sweet dough pocket that tastes like bananas foster without the rum, smothered in strawberry sauce, with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and peanuts. There is no hot fudge which I thought was a grave mistake. The strawberry sauce made the dessert a little too sweet for me, but I do love a deep-fried banana.

ImageGrilled Marshmallow, Banana, and Chocolate Sandwich at Mojo Turtles

Chris agreed with me on the chocolate front so of course his instinct was to find something that did have chocolate. We passed this vendor earlier and Chris had glimpsed the sign “Chocolate Sandwich” and kept wondering out loud what it could be. We went to find out. We waited a good fifteen minutes because we think they either forgot about us or someone stole it, which seems unlikely since we were standing right there and all anyone else was getting were smoothies and coffee. This I did not try because I was sweet-toothed out, but it looked delicious and marshmallow-melty with powdered sugar all over it.

ImageAustralian-Battered Potatoes at Australian-Battered Potatoes

Even though I was not hungry, I needed to get the sweetness out of my system so I decided to try something potato-based. Some nice hot chips with cool sour cream sounded great. I figured I would get a little plate of fries and be on my merry way, but they hand me this massive plate. I manage to eat like two chips (which are as long and wide as my hand) and they are delicious. I carry the rest, Australian-flag waving proudly, across the fair to the car so I can save them for later.

So that was MN State Fair 2013. Chris is passed out right now after working at his radio station booth since 8am this morning on top of a 56-hour work week. I’m so thankful that he was willing to go right back to the fair with me this afternoon after his shift and experience the fatty goodness. He’s the best fair food buddy I could ask for.




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