Take A Look At My Itunes: KT Tunstall

ImageI’ve been into KT Tunstall ever since I heard her first album on a seventeen-hour flight to Italy nearly ten years ago. I have all her albums: the effervescent Eye To The Telescope, the flashy Drastic Fantastic, the quirky Tiger Suit, and now the swaying Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. Her voice is at its bluesy best. She’s a contralto (low and flexible range) and she has this heart-melting break when she reaches for higher notes…so good.

I like owning an artist’s whole catalog if financially possible, especially if I’ve been listening to them for a while. Hearing old songs brings back a lot of memories. “Silent Sea” makes me think of quiet nights just lying sleepless, letting KT calm me down from panic attacks that came like clockwork, “I Don’t Want You Now” is me angrily singing in the car about an emotionally distant boyfriend, “Lost” is a question about where my life is supposed to go.

If I choose to go with the way I’m feelin’, doesn’t really mean that’s the way it is.

Brilliant lyrics, surprisingly singable melodies, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon. Check it out.


Lyrical Highlights:

(Invisible Empire)

I wear a rusting crown
I know this dynasty is falling
The crowd shouts for another round
To see the ruin, the spectacular, diamonds baby
Icebergs, the minarets and the marketplaces
The signal fires of my invisible empire

(Old Man Song)

Oh come alive inside this light
Your journey on is my delight
I sense a feeling so strange as I’m watching you change
From a man into a portal knight


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